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Guidelines when applying for data

You must be able to clearly explain the purpose of your project

Before you apply for data for your research project, it is important that you have thoroughly considered your project and can explain:

  • The purpose of your project
  • What data you want to use
  • How you will use data to answer your hypothesis and achieve your purpose.

The data controllers only make data available for projects that are of significant societal importance. In addition, the data controllers require you to justify why the requested data is needed to complete your project.  

It therefore makes the process easier for both you and the data controllers if, prior to your application, you have prepared a clear statement of purpose to be used as a starting point when you prepare your application.

Your statement of purpose must answer the above questions and explain why your research project is socially relevant. If you have obtained the necessary prior permissions, this must also be stated. 

You must prepare a detailed application 

In order for the data controllers to process your application, it is important that you prepare a detailed application in which you meet the requirements set by the specific data controller.
Please be aware that application requirements vary according to data controller. It is therefore a good idea to visit the websites of the respective data controllers before preparing and submitting your application. On the different websites you will find templates for and guidance on what information you need to provide and to what extent. 

You need to have control of permissions

Remember that you will only gain access to data if you have obtained the necessary permissions and an authorisation from your data controller. 
If your research project requires prior permission from other authorities, e.g. the Health Research Ethics Committees, you must obtain permission from them before applying for data access from other data controllers. 

… And avoid mistakes and shortcomings

It would be frustrating to have your application rejected due to mistakes and shortcomings as it is cost-intensive and time-consuming to apply for data multiple times.
Therefore, it may be a good idea early in the process to identify the requirements set by the data controller from which you need data. This will ensure that you meet all the necessary requirements before you apply for data. You can read more about this on the Application page.

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