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Metadata Map

A comprehensive overview and insight into available Danish health data

The Metadata Map is a new tool that provides researchers and other healthcare professionals with an overview of available Danish health data across registries and sectors. 

For decades, Danish authorities have collected health data on more than 10 million Danes. The data covers everything from common diseases to chronic illnesses. Treatment, medication and vaccination combined with general information about age, gender, marital status, personal labour market affiliation etc. In other words, a unique collection of data just waiting to be applied in research. 

The Metadata Map – a new tool for researchers

Historically, it has been very complicated for researchers and other healthcare professionals to get an overview of the Danish health data stored and managed by different data controllers. 

”‘Where can I get an overview of available health data allowing me to select the most relevant data for my research project? And where do I go to apply for access to the data?’ These are frequent questions that we often receive, and that is why I look forward to be able to refer researchers to the Metadata Map.
-Katrine Hass Rubin, Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Registry Research at OPEN and project manager on the Metadata Map project.

Search several registries across sectors and variables

The Metadata Map is a new tool, facilitating an overview of the registers metadata. Metadata tell us which data the different registries hold. You can use the Metadata Map to search for and compile data for a specific working hypothesis or a research project. For example, the connection between diabetes, level of education and labour market affiliation.

The Metadata Map is still under construction. Initially, the first version will contain selected data from:

  • The Danish Health Data Authority
  • Statistics Denmark
  • The Danish Clinical Quality Program – National Clinical Registries

We will continuously add data from other registries to the Metadata Map.

When will the Metadata Map be ready to use?

The Metadata Map is still under development. We expect to complete the first version of the Metadata Map in 2022. Stay updated on the development of the Metadata Map here or sign up for our newsletter, where we will keep you informed about new registries and features as they are added to the Metadata Map.