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Want to know more about Danish health data?

How to get started?

Get an overview of data authorities and accessible health data

FAQ about Danish health data



Want to know more about Danish health data?

Danish health data is world-class, and there are unique opportunities to use it for research and development. Danish health data can be used to generate extensive and useful knowledge within both public and private research, innovation, and development to the benefit of patients.


Danish health data is completely unique for several reasons. This is, in part, because Danish health data:

  • Covers all areas of the health sector.
  • Comprises data on the entire Danish population from cradle to grave.
  • Goes far back in time.
  • Allows for all data to be linked via CPR numbers.
  • Data of high quality.

Many researchers and private companies have already used Danish health data to great benefit. In the videos below, you can see and hear concrete examples of this. 


Anne Bloch Thomsen, Pfizer, Chief Medical Officer Denmark & Iceland




Ulla Sofie Lønberg, AbbVie, Medical Affairs Manager Neuroscience




Preben Bo Mortensen, iPsych, Professor and Scientific director (iPsych is one of the world's largest research studies of the genetic and environmental
causes of mental disorders)




Many researchers, organizations, and companies are requesting more information about Danish health data, and we have therefore developed material titled Data for Life. It contains a description of Danish health data and can be used by anyone who finds it relevant. It covers the following content:

  • Danish health data are unique
  • How to access data and find the right help
  • Denmark is a life-science nation


 Download free material/slides on Danish health data



How to get started?

In Denmark, there is a strong focus on using national health data to generate knowledge that benefits all. We want to help researchers, companies etc. to get started using Danish health data. Several support provideres have been set up to help you at different stages in the process.

Below, you can see the services offered by various data authorities.

In addition, there are a number of more specific authorities if your inquiry concerns, for instance, the possibility of clinical trials. You can, at any time, use the guidance function and you will be helped to find the appropriate authorities.

How to apply for access and what the requirements are

To gain access to Danish health data, you must meet a number of basic requirements. They are in place to ensure that the Danish data on health is used for the right purposes and in compliance with current regulations, including ensuring the necessary protection of citizens' sensitive personal information. The high level of security also helps you, as a data user, to feel completely safe when using Danish health data.

In the video below, you can get an overview of the process of accessing data as well as the requirements.



Find more information about the application process and requirements



Get an overview of data authorities and accessible health data

In Denmark, individual key actors are in charge of different types of health data.

If you want to obtain additional information about which data is accessible at each authority, you can use the guidance function, or contact the various authorities for further information.


You can also read more about how to apply for data access



FAQ about Danish health data

Questions Answers 
Why are the Danish health data so unique?

Denmark has some of the world’s most comprehensive health data covering many areas of health over a long period of time. All data is linkable due to Denmark’s national unique personal identifier system (CPR). This makes it possible to use Danish health data to create new knowledge and insights.


Why do Denmark have data across generations from the Danish population?


In Denmark, there has been a long tradition for many years of collecting data in the health care system (back to the 1970s) covering the whole population.


Will the Danish society benefit from research projects from external or foreign actors? 


Yes, healthcare challenges are often global and researchers often collaborate across borders to find causes for disease and develop new treatments. 


What does the Danish population think about the use of health data?


In general, there is high willingness of citizens to share their health data for research if it is done in a secure manner and with the right privacy measures. 


Who can access Danish health data?


Both public and private researchers and companies can access Danish health data if they meet the necessary criteria. All foreign have to collaborate with a Danish institution, which can assume data responsibility, to get access to the Danish health data.  


How long does it take to access Danish health data?


It can vary and depends on for example what data you want to access. To find out more about expected case processing times, you can contact the Guidance Function +45 24 94 79 69 or vl@rsyd.dk


Is it possible to transfer Danish health data abroad? 


In general, the Danish health data does not leave the country due to privacy and security procedures. 


In case of detailed questions about e.g. law, ethics, concrete cases etc, who can I contact?


Please contact the Guidance function +45 24 94 79 69 or vl@rsyd.dk or the data authorities responsible for health data. You can find an overview of data authorities here.


Are the Danish health data for sale to the industry? 


No, data is not for sale. Access to data is can be obtained through application, if the relevant criteria are met. There is usually a fee for service model for accessing data, that covers times spend for case handling of application, data extraction and use of data analysis infrastructures. 


Why do we promote Danish health data? 


The richness of Danish health data makes it a reservoir of potential new knowledge and insights on health. More and better use of Danish health data - in secure ways - will contribute to new discoveries and improvements in health care that will benefit future patients.  


What mandate do we have to promote Danish health data?


The Danish National government strategy for life science 2021 prioritizes promoting Danish health data internationally. “Data for life” is part of this priority and is developed by the Danish Health Data Authority and Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.