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Research Health Data Gateway

Overview, guidance and application
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Health data for research

Which data are relevant to my research project? Where and how can I apply for access to health data? What should my application include? And which approvals are required?

Go to www.enindgangtilsundhedsdata.dk to find more information and instructions to guide you through your application process

Guidance —
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Below is a list of recommendations you should consider before applying for access to health data. The recommendations are based on experience of what information and descriptions are needed to gain access to health data.

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Metadata Map —
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Get an overview of available health data. You can, for example, search for specific variables and find information about the data controller.

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Application —
overview of and insight into health data

Easy access to apply for health data or approvals from relevant authorities and data controllers

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Latest news

Stay updated! The Research Health Data Gateway website is still being developed. In 2021, we will add additional content and features to the website.

The Research Health Data Gateway aims to strengthen research and development.
Danish health data are essential for the development of new treatments and solutions for the healthcare system of tomorrow. Unfortunately, obtaining an overview of available health data and navigating the access requirements and processes can be challenging for researchers and companies. Consequently, we are establishing the Research Health Data Gateway to facilitate research.

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The organisations behind the initiative

“The goal of the Research Health Data Gateway is to create a better overview of health data and support easy and secure access to relevant health data for research and development purposes.”

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